Voyage into the metaverse.

Own your avatar.

3333 robots to become avatars for the Solana metaverse.


These are the main collection of ForgeBots, created to become metaverse avatars. Assembled using 113 attributes across 9 different traits, we only forged 3333 robots out of a possible 1,536,537,600 combinations.

Pair a Companion.

No robot should mine alone.

ForgeBots: Companions

Companions assist ForgeBots in various tasks and can be paired with a main bot during staking to multiply your Electrogem earnings.



We've already worked with projects such as Portals, Metaversol, and Aiternate, as well as independent artists to bring our collection into the Metaverse and expand our lore. Collaboration is in our DNA.


Join a group of positive and welcoming collectors who are passionate about seeing the Metaverse come to life.


Earn our native token, $EGEM, which is used in the ForgeBots ecosystem for creative utility such as, auctions, collaborations, raffles, and future mints.