It's bittersweet, but the release of our avatars marked the final chapter of ForgeBots and we have sunset activity around the collection.
For more information see this update.

Voyage into the metaverse.

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3333 robot GLB avatars for the Solana metaverse.


These are the main collection of ForgeBots, created to become metaverse avatars. Assembled using 113 attributes across 9 different traits, we only forged 3333 robots out of a possible 1,536,537,600 combinations.


Companions were our first 3d .GLB NFTs and were an airdrop to early collectors. 1245 Companions were minted and they are available in the following rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary.

Imprints From BASE R33

Imprints is a collaborative collection with 9 different artists from Solana. They were each commissioned to make a piece based on ForgeBots lore. The pieces were then auctioned to our collectors.


The ForgeFounders are a small bespoke collection of voxel portraits that are connected to the origin lore of ForgeBots.

Using the Avatars